Tuesday, November 21, 2017

the Blues Hall of Fame

Was very cool and housed  in a really
neat looking building.
 Found these two loitering on the bench. 
The statue (the one in bronze) is Little Milton.
He made the song "The Blues are Alright"
a national anthem in blues genre.
 Robert Johnson, who is said, made a deal
with the devil and the blues was born.
 BB - amazing.
Love his stuff. So glad I got to see him concert.
 John Lee Hooker.
Another big player in the blues.
 They have this huge "desk" with a big screen that
has all 400 inductees listed and you 
can scroll through the names and click on songs
that made them famous.
We had this muscial treat all to ourselves and
went through the entire alphabet.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Cotton fields, Crossroads & A Bridge

As we took off to explore Clarksville & Batesville MS
we found cotton fields as far as the eye can see.
 And work was in progress.
 Machines doing the pickin'.
 And the cotton gin where all good cotton balls
go to become awesome clothes.
 Rolled with some B&W because it just 
seemed cooler of some
structures around the town.

 Isn't this mural gorgeous?
 And the ground zero blues club that was closed
when we swung by so the only blues
we heard was on the radio.
And the crossroads sign signifying
the beginning of the blues. 
 Raise your hand if you remember the song
"Ode to Billy Joe".
Well this is not quite the same Tallahatchie bridge
he jumped off of.
It's the new one as the old one collapsed
in June of 1972.
This is the underside because quite frankly the
top wasn't very interesting.
There is supposed to be a plaque commemorating
the bridge but we couldn't find it.
You'd think they'd be more creative with this bridge.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Ironclad - USS Cairo

The USS Cairo (pronounced Kayrow) was one of 7 ironclads
built during the Civil War and sunk in the Yazoo River.
 In 1962 they raised the boat in 3 sections and brought
up out of the river and restored.
Because of the silt, sand and mud a lot of artifacts
where preserved and are in the museum next to the gunboat.
And there are A LOT of amazing artifacts.

 It is huge and amazing.
It was originally outfitted with 13 cannons.
 Below is what it looked like in real life.
If you're ever in Vicksburg, this museum
is one you really need to put on your list to see.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Around the town of Vicksburg

Mississippi River bridges.
On is a railroad bridge. How cool is that.
 A barge cruising down the mighty Mississippi.
 There are canons everywhere.
 Mississippi River bridges.
 Down on the waterfront there are 2 blocks
of murals that tell the story of Vicksburg.
They are stunning.
 And trains.
 Up close and personal.

It's a really neat city/town.
Put it on your bucket list.

Visiting Vicksburg National Military Park

It's a beautiful park with amazing monuments.
Watch the movie about the battle.
It's poignant.
 The park covers the entire battle.
 With a lot of monuments.
It starts with the Union line and you can tell this
by the blue plaques, that explain company, regiment and who's in charge.
They are throughout the park.
The red plaques that are also throughout the park
are the Confederate lines and
they have the same information.
All of which these are the only two photos that
have the plaques in them.
Shocking I know.
 This is an Illinois Monument commemorating
the soldiers that fought and died in this battle.
 Grant tried many many ways to take the town of Vicksburg
and failed in every attempt.
It appears that Vicksburg was the perfect stronghold.
They had the high ground.
Only because Grant "out camped" the Confederate soldiers
that they finally surrendered.
 This is the Shirley house that happened to be 
a Union sympathizer and was used
as a hospital.
 Chasing a butterfly at the Shirley house.
You know I love butterflies.
There were also a massive amounts of ladybugs too.
 Stunning monuments throughout.
 The surrender took place by an old oak tree near this
heritage garden and home.
 Sadly, as in all battles in was gruesome and bloody.
 Approximately 20,000 American casualties.
The park is beautiful.
I just can't imagine.


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