Friday, October 20, 2017

Another Mini Album

It appears when the mojo hits the road that
doing a project such as a mini album
helps getting back on track.
Sort of.
I picked this mini up at Michael's for $2.50 😊
I know RIGHT.
 It is a gardening album, but, in my humble opinion, it doesn't need
to be totally about flowers, plants, etc.
It's gonna be a gift for someone at sometime so shhhh!!!
 I did add some of my own die cuts and
used cardstock for mats for consistency throughout.
 The mat sizes are 3.5x4.5 and 2.5x3.5
shaking it up a bit with two on a page - but can also
be used for one big photo
if so desired.
 Everything is adhered in such a way that a photo
can be slid under.
 Two tags just hanging out and why not.
I really miss this style.
Used to be my go to until I had boy grandkids.
Styles do change.
 The seed packets can be used for extra photos
or journaling on the back since it's plain white.
Those little charms came with the kit.
Don't they make you swoon.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pink Polka Dotted Paper

 Say that 3 times fast LOL!!
Anyhoo, managed to work in my homemade tag
with the pineapple and flamingo.
I neeeeed to make more.
 Splattered some mists about and using tiny
wooden and enamel stars, dots
and just for fun threw in some nuvo dots.
Amelia being goofy - love it!!
She's growing so fast. 
Momma captioned this photo that Amelia
wants to donate her locks.
She does have gorgeous long hair.
We'll see how that goes.
Love the transparency letters for a title.
Not as hard to see in real life.
And a doodled border.

Studio Calico, Studio G Stamps

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rustic mini album

I believe I mentioned that I had a bunch
of these sunflowers Holli stamped for me and
that you'd see more of it!!!
 I wanted to make a mini album as a gift for my pal Tobie
who is my boxbuddy for workouts.
And pulling all my papers out I didnt' really have a "theme"
going on. Not that a theme is necessary
it just helps when putting things together.
 In the process of trying to pull out papers and figuring things out,
I decided that in using the sunflower it really
wouldn't go with anything I had, but, I really wanted to use it
and then a lightbulb went off -
 Why did I have to cover up this chipboard with paper.
 A challenge!!!
 I did find some "rustic" cards, tried my hand at a "shaker"
we'll see how well that works LOL.
 Employed a bunch of stamps (fussy cutting), punches and buttons galore.
I really love how it turned out.
All the photo mats are 3.5x4.5 so if my pal uses
3x4 photos there's plenty of room even when I put 
embellishments near the mats.

Studio Calico stamps, various punches, Hero Art stamps, buttons
galore and cardstock.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Apple pickin' time

Love this photo and decided to go old school for this page.
There are times when you just gotta!
 I didn't want typical fall colors - mostly because I
didn't have any in my stash.
 Therefore, keying of the kidlets clothes found
a sort of autumn match.
 Love how it turned out.
Studio Calico

Monday, October 16, 2017

Finding forgotten kid art

Favorite youngest son came home for a few
days this past week and it was sooooo
good to see him.
He had previously dropped a ton of stuff he had
at the house since he became a truck driver
and had nowhere else to put his possesions. So when
he was home we went went through stuff in order to clean
up the spare room.
 During the clean up we came across this gem that
was in my mom's stuff as we were putting things up-
(he had one of her scrapbooks and we were putting it in one
of mom's many trunks for safekeeping).
 Shane brought to my attention to this card he made for
his memaw and of course she kept it laying in plain sight
in her trunk. (I need to get in those trunks more)!
 I really didn't want to put the journaling on the actual card
but I couldn't figure out where to put it but
I think it worked out.
Shane would draw things anytime, any place, anywhere
and some of his drawings were kept.
In my journaling, since I didn't really know, I think memaw
at the time was scrapping and gave Shane something to do so.
He loved cars as all boys do, drew the car, fussy cut it out
and placed in on a map and gave it to
Memaw as a card.
If you look close the map is Hawaii. 
Love it!
Of course it needed to be scrapped and the story told.
I just wish he had time to keep on drawing.

Studio Calico.


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