Monday, September 25, 2017


It appears to be working out okay with the melding
of ALL the kits and papers I ordered this month.
It's still kind of overwhelming but it
helps to just dive in.
So this page is a mix of old, new, really old and really new.
 I fussy cut those skyscrapers out because this young man
is NY grown and it just seemed fitting.
Kept it simple because it was such a cool photo
of Lou heading off to his first day of Kindergarten.
Instead of white mist that doesn't do well, I used
white enamel paint watered down for the splatters and
around the page.
I used black and white nuvo dots about the page too.
Love them because one can control the size!!

Studio Calico.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Stamping a background

I have sooooo many stamps - and I'm sure you do as well.
Because of that I decided that they need to be used.
All at once.
And why not.
 Those cute banners came in one piece that I couldn't
work in on an 8x8 page so I whacked them up.
Love how they turned out.

Because of the wild stamping I kept other things
to a minimum and I love the photo.
It is layered with paper and a transparency on the back.
I have a bunch of back to school pix of the grands
so stand by.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Entries in my Faux Traveler's Journal

Speaking of the cards in the kits that
 tell what month said kit is - are in my faux journal.
It's actually the most consistent thing in the journal and
since we were gone from June through mid-September the
entries just have quick notes about our trip
using extra photos I had printed.
 I do need to make another entry pointing out the album
I put together while on the trip.
I'm also going to make an entry about the too
much stuff I took this time around as well so I restrain
myself for next time.
In fact, I bought a couple of 4x4 albums that I might use
or use a traveler's journal - for actual travel LOL!
Anyhoo, that's way in the future.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Birthday girl

When I got home from my wanderings I had 3 SC kits
waiting for me and one coming for September.
To make it more fun, SC had a mega sale that I went
crazy on, so now I'm overwhelmed with all these new products.
With all that it only took several days and multiple changes 
I put a page together. Woohoo!
 The above bike has been in my stash for a long time
and I'm so glad I finally got it used.
 I love this paper - so much fun with its pop art feel.
Amelia got to pick out her own bike and because she has 
2 older brothers, she decided she needed a bike
that reflected that.
She's rolling with the big boys now.
Love it.
No fru fru girlie bike for her.
So in being overwhelmed with so many kits and new stuff
I somehow lost track of which kit was what month.
Actually, I lost track when I took the cards out to use in
my Faux Traveler's Journal, therefore, since I
couldn't figure out what month a kit was (except for Sept)
I decided it'd be fun to toss everything all together 
and roll from there. 😐😐😐
Needless to say that made it even more overwhelming.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Tag Album

Not really sure what to call it.
However, I had these tags rolling around for a long time.
So long in fact, that I couldn't tell you where they came from.
I'm thinking maybe Creative Cafe.
Shades of wayback when.
 I just used whatever I had laying around that may or may no
work with anything else.

Now I need to decide what to do with it.
Random photos?
A theme of photos?
just journaling
 (I do have a white pen and alphas).
Or gift it.
Any thoughts?


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