Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Using hard cardboard squares

Well these just baffled me mostly because I wasn't sure
of the whole PL thing because in my head 
I had to have protectors with the perfect square.
OCD much?
 They are heavy on the page but I used
some tacky glue and I think it'll be enough
to keep them on the page.
If not, I'll break out the big guns whatever that may be.
 Each square has something going on and 
I thought it a good idea to connect the photo with 
the card.
 Miss Amelia had a quirky pose going on
that needed a quirky frame to go with.
I had that @ floating about in my die cut box 
and it matched sooooo one win for me.
and the butterfly was because I could.
Some watercolors in the background along with
some watered down white paint splatters because
they're cool.

Studio Calico.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Buttons galore and it won't be the last LOL

So instead of rolling with tags, I've changed to buttons.
Fair exchange.
Don't you find in your creative process that
one item just keeps on giving.
 So the heart and arrow are there because
the blue strip just stops and it made me crazy.
Short trip.
 Who doesn't love a kitty peeking out of a file folder.
I need to cut more folders.
Or not, don't want to get obessed with them.
These are their school photos - my kidlets never had
really good photos - you can tell dad is a photographer.
They have those poses nailed.
I have wanted to use 1st and 3rd title ever since
I did their back to school page and
didn't use it. 
I thought of it after everything was nailed down.
That ever happen to you?

Studio Calico.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Using paper scraps whacked

So I've done this before and didn't want to do the same
thing again, NOTHING wrong with doing
the same thing again.
I do a number of things on my pages over and over.
So...I embraced my inner Lisa Fonseco. If you haven't
checked out her u-tube channel sashsay on over.
She has the most adorable, hand done pages.
It's fun to watch them take shape.
 Needing to use up the 999 straws that I have 
I tossed in a "stem and leaves" and
voila a really dynamite challenge done with slim to no
artistic talent.
 Of course I have a ton of buttons that need to be used and
you'll be totally seeing them again mostly
in the same colors because I seem to rolling with
similar colors too.
So how adorable is that.
It's too cute and I love that its BIG.
I don't usually do BIG that often but I'm gonna
figure out some more slim to none
artistic stuff.
Notice the "tag" tucked in the back.
 As I've been rolling with the tags.

The other "bloom" on the page is Miss Amelia
who rocks playground.

Studio Calico.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Oversized Tags Tags Tags!

Clever title as you shall see.
Had a girls day out and of course it has
to be documented.
I really don't do enough of that and
it's gonna change.
So voila- 3 tags...tags 3times in the title.
I really have been into tags these past 10 pages or so.
Totally focused.
Anyway I thought they'd be a fun change to matting.
Of course the lighting is bad but nonetheless, we had a
great time at the comedy club.
The doily ties everything together and love the
colors of the cards on the grey.
Gasp*** I didn't doodle around the page.

Studio Calico and I am stash busting people.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A bit of heritage going on

I love heritage photos and I haven't been messing
with them as much mostly because I had
believed I had done them all.
Silly me.
 I have always loved print paper, i.e., dictionary, newspaper, etc.
And this one has a purple tint.
How cool is that.
 And nothing says heritage like lace, leaves and butterflies.
If you look in the upper right corner and lower left
I used some ranger mists I've had forever
and used the leaves as a stencil.
Gave the page a bit of an embrace doncha think?
Anyhoo, rooting around in the wayback box I found
this gem. My grandpop, with
his youngest sister and his daughter.
(Aunt Sue and mom-  were close growing up)

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