Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Walk to Taughannock Falls

And it was beautiful and fun hike! 
 Me and Connor.
 Christopher did this huge jenga thing a few days before
and it was still there when we returned.
 Christopher and Connor.
 Connor made a smaller jenga that was still there too
and you can see his brother's in the background.
 The beach was open, the water temp was the same as the 
weather temp. 71* way too nippy for me..
 But Connor was quite the fish.
We had a fun 2 days together. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Seeing the sights in and around Boothbay Maine

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile - we flew
through the midwest states (which means not a lot of photos), 
hung out with the grands
and now visiting with friends, 
hanging out in their driveway that I tended 
to forget the camera and just have fun.

 Tom and Gail at Boothbay harbor.
 Me and Gail.
 Lots of really cool and fun shops.

 These flowers were everywhere and so pretty and vibrant.
 Kitchey but Kool. LOL.
 Love black eyed susies and a bee.

 Hendricks Head Light Station.
Found it was privately owned so this was as close as we could get.
Pretty cool living in a lighthouse.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Scrappy pages on the road

I have to tell you I'm struggling with the
scrapping on the road.
It appears I brought WAY more than I need and yet,
nothing seems to work.
Heavy sigh.
 The Lincoln museum, tomb and home were really amazing.
If you ever get to Springfield you need to check it out.
Just be aware - not to much else to do.
 I kept things to a minimum because really nothing worked
and I wanted to be respectful.
 Grand Portage was fun.
Lots to see and very informative.
 Roosevelt National park was beautiful.
I couldn't decide on photos.
So Maybe I'll do more at home.
So we did go moose hunting and not a moose in sight.
However, how can that adorable moose
not be used.

If any of you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.
I am not doing things in order which is a relief mojo wise.
However, bringing all the wrong things...
according to me... isn't helping and then using
only a few things out of the way too much I brought.
Check it out for yourself LOL.

All my stuff. 
You see those really cool zippered pockets.
There's like 10 of them chockful of stuff.
Just sayin....

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Grand Portage National Monument

This is very cool as it's a reenactment and reconstruction of
the fort and supply depot between the Ojibwe and fur traders.
 People dressed in period costume and
are very happy to share their knowledge.

 Lots of cool pelts for your stroking pleasure.
And some of them are soooo soft I can see why they were en vogue.

How cool - letters and documents.
Makes me swoon.
We arrived at the end of the day and things were starting
to close up but there were still enough
people to chat up and find interesting things.

Highlights from the Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

I seriously don't want to spoil it for you - but it's a must see!
Absolutely amazing and needs to be on your bucket list.
It goes from boyhood to President.
(Ahem-my hubby's best side 😉 ).

 Mrs. Keckly and Mrs. Lincoln is the name of the book
written by Mrs. Keckly. They were friends until they weren't sadly.
It's a very good read.

 The Lincoln house in Springfield...
You get a tour with a ranger and of course I have inside shots.
You need to go see for yourself.
Amazing from a log cabin to middle class America.
A self-taught lawyer and legislator - then President.
How cool is that.


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