Monday, April 23, 2018

Fussy cutting and water colors

I loved the paper with the black and white flowers on it
but it was a tad be overwhelming so I decided
to water color some in and then 
fussy cut them out, mixing things up between
black & white and watercolors.
 And I love how it turned out.
 Broke out some stamps because I really really need
to use them more and stamped around the page.
The No: is from Kenner Road and the stamp with the numbers
is a combo of Studio Calico and Hero Arts numbers.
It came out quite heritagy looking so therefore, I needed
a heritagyb looking photo, of which, it took me forever to find
Because when I put the page together, I left only
that itty bitty little spot for a photo.
 This is a photo of my Aunt Sue and her brother Frankie.
Frankie died about a year or two after this photo was taken, sadly.
If you look really closely at this photo, it looks like someone
was beating them and then made them take a photo.
Neither are very happy.
Studio Calico.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Remember those big waxed lips?

They were quite popular when I was a kid and it appears
that they still are popular.
SO..I fussed around with page to the point of making me crazy.
 I really really  really wanted to use that jar 
that says "Let your Light Shine Bright" because it totally fit.
And I really really really wanted to use the fire flies.
 It took days for finally just "go for it".
It shouldn't be that hard.
I did add some punched bugs, not sure what flavor,
so I made them yellow for more fireflies
to flit about the page.
And the moose just needed to be there.
This page was just painful to make because that big
jar threw me off. Started with 6x12 papers that I changed
out a couple of times because I couldn't
decide on the color nor the design.
Them I found this paper.
And changed the jar and the moose around.

Studio Calico.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ephemera & 6x12 page

I originally had whacked this paper down for another
project that went by the wayside, but
it turned out to be perfect these photos.
As you may know, I'm a big blues fan, especially of Beth Hart
and Joe Bonnemassa (they're amazing).
Anyhoo, we had a chance to see Beth in concert at the Tampa
Bay Blues festival and had a great time.
(Except I lost my prescription sunglasses, and yes I'm whining
about that still LOL)
I used an envelop to tuck in the tickets and for a tag
with additional journaling because I found the journaling
on the feather was just not enough.
Beth loves the word awesome, so that because the title.
We were awesome, she was awesome
everything was awesome.
Worked out perfectly.

Studio Calico.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Rolling with a heritage photo

 I built this page by just letting the mojo flow
without a photo in mind, and of course, having some agnst
in picking the right photo.
Love how the odds and ends
and paper bits, loving the gold, and blue ended up
in this design, especially with the paper tearing.
 I had another photo in mind when I plunked down the title
and subtitle with tacky glue of course, so
I was stuck when I decided the original photo was not
going to work.
I found this photo of my mom and cousin Gertie.
How young they were and looks like
they were just hanging out.
I wish I knew more of the back story, but alas....

Studio Calico.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Whooooo knew - hand drawn & hand stitched

I have been following Lisa Fonseca for awhile on utube
and she's an amazing scrapper.
She draws, cuts out, and stitches the most amazing critters
and things for her pages.
Very unique.
So I embraced my inner Lisa and made this owl.
I have been drawing this owl since high school and I wish
that it was an original idea of mine, but alas,
it was a classmate that sat next to me would draw all
this fun figures.
And this one, and 2 others, are ones that I can do.
I just wish I remembered her name.
In my defense it was a really long time ago.
So I traced it out and began piecing it together 
and because she also stitches
 I decided to do the same.
I need to do better on the hole spacing thing but
overall it turned out not too bad and really kind of makes it.
And there's the back - love the washi LOL
but I'd have never done that on my counted cross stitch.

 So in keeping with the fun - I used some really old 
grungeboard Tim Holtz alphas and made them two-toned.
 And in the spirit of doctor Suess I couldn't resist the whooooo.
 A great photo of Sam and Lou was perfect
for the owl and vice versa.
Studio Calico.

I love how it turned out. 
I can't say that I'll do this a lot  because it is very work
intensive, but it was fun.
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