Monday, July 14, 2008

Another sneak peek!

at Connor!!! He looks a tad bit grumpy to me and I would be too all smooshed up like that. The imaging is just so amazing. You can count fingers and toes, ears, nose, arms and legs. WOW!!! So while he's awaiting his big debut, preparations are being made. I have been on a creative tear and its been a blast. Please keep both Melissa and Liz in your prayers for a safe delivery and healthy babes!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I LOST ONE WHOLE FREAKING POUND THIS WEEK BABY!!! Of course I had gained .6 last week bwahaha. But off it came and now I need to figure out how it happened because as you know, I only kick ounces. Only is stricken from your vocabulary in WW weight loss. smirk. I'll take ANYTHING w/a minus in front of it. Anyhoo, this is comest to a total of 17.4 which is totally rawkin. ONLY (smirk) focusing on my next 10%!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Let Freedom Ring!

Miss Liberty is absolutely gorgeous. If you've never been to see her, you really need to put it on your to do list. She never gets old. NY'rs are lucky to be able to see it every day!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th on the 3rd!!!!

Don't know if tomorrow is gonna be busy or what. Wanna hang w/friends, go on the boat. Something w/happen because DH says so. snort. I also wanted to warn my bikin and walkin buds to NOT eat a fiber one bar out in the open. BUGS love them toooooooooooo. I have ingested way more protein than WW points allow. bwahahaha. Who knew the bugs would stick so well????hmmm...and especially when you're in motion too. I tell ya makes multi tasking a bit difficult!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hard way-----my version of the Double Dog Dare!

the dare is to use a "hybrid" anything on your layout. I chose to print the photo on grey cardstock with the journaling. It seems I had a lot to say about this. (I know that surprises some of you. snort). Anyway the cool title and heart are quickutz. YUM!!! I seem to have inadvertently started a hybrid All About Me which I must say is totally cool. I'll refresh your memory w/At a X-roads & Secrets. Also helping the journaling is studying and using some techniques I learned in Keeping a Journal you Love by Sheila Bender. I haven't quite got it in my everyday musings but I quite like that I'm getting some meaningful journaling for some of my layouts. Following is the journaling for those of you that care:

Capise. Comprende.Guacamole. These three words when said to my boys, they knew I meant business. I mean it and they better pay attention. The knew I was easy. I could be swayed I was so not tough. But when I said these words, I was in the moment. I meant what I said. I could not be swayed. I believe in right and wrong and I mean to convey that to them. Have I succeeded. Sadly, in some cases no. But life is such that sometimes lessons have to be learned the hard way. And as much as we want to pare our children that. We cannot. We had hard times. We worked our way through. Who are we to decide that they are not to have them as well. But as parents. AS a mom. We would love to not have them learn anything the hard way. But as *I* have learned the hard way sometimes removing the “hard way” from the path does more harm than good. Because they do not learn the lesson of the hard way, but learn the easy path, which can be more harmful, painful than if they had learned the hard way. Sadly, I have learned parenting the hard way.
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