Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Adds to my Smash/Art Journal....

 So I decided to play.
And its really kind of freeing when you have low 
expectations - especially in the drawing
department. But watercolors are very forgiving.
I saw the lamp and street sign done
by one of the street artists in Jackson Square
and while I thought I could do it
- its nowhere near the caliber from the actual artist
whose name I did not write down.
 I think I put this photo out there as one of my daring
shoot from the hips and across the street
of a man taking a smoke break. This photo did not
get into the actual scrapbook pages I made but it
was fun to smash it.
 I dug out this thank you card from Mike and Lara's wedding.
It was a blast and I actually got the shot of the
day from their dance. 
This dip.
This is the color version of the photo they put on the inside
of their thank you note.
I did a victory dance for a long time in getting this shot.
And I was thrilled beyond belief.
 I journaled about about walking about New Orleans
and getting a do over on some things on the 
second trip we took there.
I had also printed this photo of the square and didn't
need it - so the perfect thing to do - smash it.
I believe I'm getting the hang of this.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pouty Pants

 Had to go to my title helper for this one.
Just couldn't quite make the face.
She's too adorable.
And I love how girlie this came out.
And here's Lou doing a cheesecake pose.
Looking adorable with his big smile.
Sorry parents these pages are MINE all MINE.
*Twirling mustache evilly*
I get so busy doing pages for the kids albums
that my albums have been sorely neglected.
Not anymore!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pony Up

I'm gonna change things up a bit and use a grandbaby.
Another grandgirl that can now put her hair in
a piggy tail and/or pony tail.
Its a rite of passage from babydom to toddlerdom.
And would you look at that.
Bigger than a paint brush.
Love the evolution and rite of passage.
I'm so glad I could chronicle it.
Girls seem to struggle with hair, eyelashes and lips.
Boys seem to get it all without having
to properly enhance it.
And that is so wrong on so many levels.
Its a girl thing.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter parade

Annie and Lucy parading.
In their Easter best.
That dress is perfect for her.
and the hose and shoes.
OMG. Swoon.
So I started out with a different paper.
And whilst in the midst of doing something with misting
I managed to spill said misting all over the
other paper. And there was NO saving it.
So in poking around my stash I found this fancy paper
(and I canNOT tell you the mfg.) But it was from a Swirly doo Kit.
However, I thought it was a tad busy.
And maybe overwhelming.
SO I put a white heart doily in there to help
and it worked out really well.
AND I used up the 2 leftover flowers there that matched 
ever so wonderfully with my fancy dancy punch
that grabs hold of my papers and if I don't sweet talk it
just right, it keeps the paper hostage.
Seriously though.
 Accidents always seem to work out.
I planned it that way.
*laughing hysterically* 
you can all get up off the floor now. 

365 @ 4 1@5

I did this 8.5x11 because I needed to change things up.
Why? 8x8 sometimes just doesn't cut it.
Used my Studio Calico papers.
And I did get tricky with the title.
Q-man went to bed at 4 years old - the eve of his 5th birthday.
So donning the party hat the next morning means
 that alas he turned 5.
I thought it was pretty clever.
I do believe I brought simple scrapbook pages to an all new high
in using 4x6 photos. Its what I printed and since my ink
has a finite level of inkiness I went with what I did.
I'm trying to keep the grandkidlets pages to 
easy-to-mail size so that involves
some creativeness.
Note on the really cool number paper I highlighed
the appropriate number.
And isn't that file folder adorable.
I have a QK die for that.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And for my next number......

And here's sweet Lou with his piano.
I neglected to mention that 
both his parents are muscians.
He appears to be taking requests.
The best I can do on a piano is chopsticks.
And it ain't pretty.
I did think of the title piano man but felt
it was too obvious and heaven
forbid I be obvious.
Like that's never ever happened. LOL.
I need to get more of those Amy Tan letters. 
I actually like them.
Nothing tricky on this page except for a bit of gentle tilting
I got from Shimelle and the popping off some corners.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Knights Key, Marathon, FL is a very relaxing place

 From my comfy lounge chair prior to napping I stalked this
bird stalking fish.
 He didn't get any fish but I got him.
 The view from our campsite is gorgeous.
Love the anahingas sunning on the rock.
They did that all.day.long.
Look how the water changes colors.
 I chased this hermit crab across the campsite.
He was fast. Really really fast.
And good at disappearing.
 This used to be the 7 mile bridge.
There is a new one.
We biked over this bridge.
2 miles up and down.
Not too mention the mileage from the campground 
to the bridge.
I got fried.
Pigeon Key, an island is at the end of the bridge.
Its quite quaint and historical.
Thankfully, the sun went back in so it 
was an easier pedal back.
I'm quite proud the feat as is Tom.
My knee did great.
Took awhile to find the rythym.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Saving the worm one at a time...........

Boys will be boys and they totally connect with worms.
Not sure how they found it since it appears they
are on a road and I've always thought
worms kinda dug dirt.
But no matter. 
Cavin and Quintin found a worm
and kept it out of harms way.

Painted and stamped on white cardstock.
Bit o'patterned paper, washi and wa-la
and twine.

We don't know where we are going

but we are on our way.
Remember Little Rascals? Well that saying
is signature Buckwheat.
Great show.
So I couldn't resist. 
This was just too fun.
Those two are just having a blast.
Good thing there are two steering wheels.
I wonder where the brakes are.
And if there's an invisible one.
Remember when teaching your kid how to drive?
I think my foot when through the floor board.
Several times.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dapper Lou...

Here's Lou again looking quite dapper in his pinstripe suit and hat.
AND he's on his feet. Looks like walking maybe
on the horizon soon.
with the growing up.

I forgot I had that adorable envelops until I was snooping
through my stash and rearranging things.
Lou's mom is a librarian so that's a cool thing she can journal on.
Authentique music paper because dad is a music teacher
and muscian.
Remenisce and other assorted scraps.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Manic Monday

Was very quiet. 
Lots of peeps doing their taxes.
I happened to fall asleep and woke up tired.
Sad day. Again.
 I must've over done it the past few days.
So it's Lou's Happy 1st.
One year old.
Growing up way too fast.
And the theme was whales so jumping
on the bandwagon.
I made one.
According to my ahem friends that say it looks
more like a goldfish cracker.
HEY! I drew this by hand - and cut it out.
All without a net. :)

Hugs and prayers to Boston.
They need to get the bad guys.

It's Miss Amelia's birthday today.
I'm awaiting pix.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daddy's Hoodie

What's a girlie to do when its nippy out.
Well this one put on daddy's hoodie.
It covers it all.
Is totally warm.
It's awesomely cuddley.
Love the photo, that face and eyes.
Tis Studio Calico.
Except for the butterfly and twine.

Knee is doing great and the bathroom re-do is coming along.
It's going to be beautiful- I can't wait.
Kitchen is pretty much together except for one cabinet.
Will be starting PT soon.
It felt good to scrap although I sat a lot of the time as opposed to standing
like I normally do. I also tried not to do TOO much
hopping up and down - which is good but tiring.
My set up does require a bit of hopping about.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Snow Angel

Somehow I am a bit behind in posting this page.
But its never too late.
Love this photo because its fun and its
so cool how some things just transcend time and
generations. Although in this day and age I will not be
flinging myself down on a snowy ground to make an angel.
No matter how fun it appears to be.
 I thought I'd never
say this - but flinging bodies around is  for the young or at least those that
can pick themselves up off the ground. LOL!!!
Nothing really tricky about this page, just threw some white
painted circles on that can barely be seen.
And the wide washi tape rocks.
And in while living in Florida I got to use my snowflake die.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby steps...

I actually got a page done. My knee has thrown a lot of things off- especially my sleep. Don't know what's up with that, but I can tell you its extremely annoying.

However, on the plus side, my knee is getting stronger and once I get over the stiffness I stop reeling about like a drunken sailor and stiffness eases.

  I used Holli's green gelato and it totally matches the Ranger ink/mist lettuce, the pink mist provided by Ranger ink/mist Red peppers. I have a love/hate relationship with the slim ranger misters as they have a tendency to spray how much they want and where they want.

I got lucky misting. Yay!

I got wild and crazy and actually sliced off two strips to use on the page. WOW!! I know you're totally blown away. LOL! I just feel great that in the midst of all this healing and hobbling I got a page done.

I also needed brown lettering. And I love the Amy Tangerine letters but they would be too big for the label and I didn't have all the letters I needed in the brown thickers I had and the customizable white thickers were also too big.

Finding the correct size thickers in white and they happen to be foam - enter a brown sharpie.

I know you're totally blown away by my creativity. LOL!

So wa-la - Authentique. I KNOW - its been awhile but it worked with the green and pink.

I'm hoping to get more done.

Let's go MO-JO!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Play day!!!

My friend Holli came over after stopping at our Lss. Treasured Memories. She had played with gelatos at the store and showed me the awesome results so of course I had her check some colors out for me. Which she did. And she brought her's of which she had every color. She also picked out some Authentique papers for me.

She also got me this adorable collapsible cup for water and stuff along with some gesso and a gel medium.

You have to prepare the paper with the gesso and its up to you if you want to use the gel medium to treat the paper. The paper the 2 bottles are sitting was treated with the gel and gives it a shine.

They are like crayons with an attitude and you can do so much. They can be water colors, crayons or you can add dimension by flicking chunks off. You can mix them with water, mists or paint.

We had a great time sitting on the lanai and just playing. We also used some stencils, stamps and embossing dies on some of the papers. I found it better to make the papers first then emboss after I had done in reverse of course and it was hard to see the stencil. 

The set I had is called diner colors and they are sooooo cool. Gold, teal, grey and red. We also practiced on different color papers, although we mostly used white. Since you set it up with gesso, everything is white including the tan. The black however, if you didn't soak the gesso on, came out grey and I found that interesting. 

Today, I will be attempting to actually using some of of these papers somehow. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

No crutches...........

Although I have this tendacy to move around like a base-huggin' weeble, teetering from pillar to post. Its all good. I've even done some of the recommended exercises. I'm having trouble sliding down the wall, but it'll come. I'm not very confident in my balance or strength. But I'm up and about and lucid.

Think: Weebles always wobble but they don't fall down.

I still have trouble leading off with my left foot. DH is helpful, bellowing out like a drill sargeant "left, left, left right left. And I'm all like "I KNOW...We've done this every morning." And yet here we are again.

Gotta keep things light.

And still in my head, LEFT, LEFT, then RIGHT.

Teaberry shuffle.
It's all about the timing.

Speaking of timing - I have my April Studio Calico kit. What could be more encouraging than that. (The page below isn't it) However, I have been fondling the kit during my recovery. Seriously.

I have another straggler page I forgot about. I completed this page prior to our RV trip to New Orleans. I also left my vintage photo ink open for a week and had to get a new one. Also, I lifted this sketch from Shimelle.  I am pleased with these photos I took. Just needed a bit of tweaking. The clouds and colors in the first one make me swoon.

I get to take a shower today. I haven't been able to do that for THREE days. It's no wonder I'm standing on my own. YUNK YUNK!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


My knee hurts but I'm gimping around just fine.
I forgot I did this page awhile back.
Using stash.
I kept trying to make a banner, but I kept
cutting it wrong. I just went with the arrow
Because I was running out of papers.
And then the page just got lost in the shuffle.
A Valentine's picture.
I even tilted it.
I don't do that too often because it drives the
graphic in me NUTS.
Short drive. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Another page for the SNC Ad/Art Challenge.
A kiss.
Father and daughter.
Love the photo.
And I used one of my new bottle cap.
Love it *in a sing-songy voice*

Having surgery on my knee tomorrow.
I'm in the process of not eating nor drinking.
And it will be at least 16 hours until
I can eat someone's right arm off.
I'm a little nervous.
I don't like pain - like who does.
However, someday I want to be able to squat down
and get back up in a swoop.
Without a crane.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter....

We had a relaxing day and ended up enjoying a lovely dinner with friends. Doesn't get any better than that.

During my relaxing day and bouncing between my two computers, I noticed different heritage photos on each and was shocked that I did nothing them. 

Of course there's a story that goes with them.  I know this surprises you. And more info for my Roots Journal. (And this is gonna be a long one).

Well my Great Great Grandfather, Alexander Altemus, became a fascination for me as I began to conquer leaves in my research. First, my eldest son Nick's middle name is Alexander, and I didn't realize that fact until I began my research. Second, there was more to Alexander than meets the eye. As I came upon different census, I found that he and his wife ran a boarding house. Or rather his wife did. He didn't have a job and I was all like SLACKER. However, as the census continued to roll out, I found that he had a lung ailment and died young. 

Well didn't I just feel bad and learned a thing or two about snap judgements.

And then the Civil War documents started to flow. Alexander and his two brothers enlisted, he as a Sgt at 23, and the brothers, Herman and Charles, as Pvts. 20 and 18 (thereabouts) in the 31st Regiment NJ Infantry.  They all mustered out within a year, however, sadly, Charles died in Washington DC at the age of 19, from Typhoid fever. (I do have census concerning Herman and his family too). 

It was then I found a grave for Alexander at Loudon Park National Cemetery in Baltimore, MD. I was totally excited, and wanted one day to visit as we journeyed our way to NJ and PA, but alas it never quite worked out.  However, I kept wondering how could they have afforded a burial in MD when they lived in NJ and weren't exactly rolling in the dough.

And Ancestry came through once again.

More and more cemeteries are providing photographic images of the people buried there and putting it on line. A little green leaf led me to Union Hunterdon County, NJ to Bethlehem Presbyterian church and a huge monument. Even with a close up, it was hard to read but a close up none-the-less. And there  is Alexander with Rebecca. When I looked further down the tombstone I also found Alexander's brother James was buried there as well. On one of the census, James was classified as a boarder with no occupation - but since I already judged wrong before I'm going to go the other way and figure James helped Rebecca run the boarding house. 

So now of course being the macabre person that I am, I now really wonder where the body is. 

So in pondering some morel, I think the gravesite at Loudon is a memorial to all the soldiers that served in and around that area, and Alexander is truly buried with Rebecca and James.

As a side note, I have no other names for Rebecca except Jane and her line has laid dormant for a long time. I've gotten lucky before, but I really wish people in the future would provide maiden names on the tombstones. Somehow "his wife" just doesn't help the research. 

Somewhere, there is a relative that'll hook me up.
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