Friday, July 31, 2015

Scrapping on the road - Round 3

We had some downtime while waiting for the part
to fix our steps and it was a beautiful day.
I did the mundane thing of laundry because heading
into Yellowstone those things will be limited.
AND of course the only day to drop in a Crossfit box had NO BOX.
So I broke out the scrapbook supplies and caught up.
Gasp. Caught up LOL.
Anyway, the little Canon Selphy is a PITA and those
bragging about it - I don't get it unless they know something I don't.
Which is entirely possible.
It is driving me nuts.

Here's the fish hatchery we stopped at.
 And then out of order (gasp) I did the Grand Tetons.
I picked up the wolf post card, patches and stickers at the gift
shop and also a kit - of which I have used
the majority of.
I know!!!!
Then I printed my favorite pix of the Grand Tetons
which basically is the 2nd page of a 2-page spread -
and that's something I don't normally do either - so this
really is getting me out of my comfort zone.
I thought you'd might be interested in my scrappy area that was today.
If felt like I was at a crop LOL.
And my box of stuff.
It gets harder to put everything back in there.
And there we are doing our thing.
I decided to make pocket templates because everytime
I measured disaster struck - so this will take the guess work out.
I'm hoping by the end of this trip I'll be able to cut
a straight line with scissors - but don't bet the farm on it. LOL.
Random pretty pix as we stopped by the road
and had coffee or lunch.
We did hike to those falls.
It was a beautiful if dangerous hike for me
as I don't pay attention to my feet,
however, on this I did - as I didn't want to get hurt
or hurt my camera.
Here are the pix from Jackson Hole.
Or just Jackson.
The elk preserve and the geese.
And of course the famous antler "wreath".
I got the top because there are always a bunch of people
waiting to get their photos there so.....

We are heading to Yellowstone today - no really.
We are down to 4 days there boondocking.
And I've decided that if they have a scrapbook kit there
I'm on it, as well as other random do-dodads.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

More of the Grand Tetons

Can you get too much?
Oh No....
Like Totally - because around every bend,
every curve, there is a grand teton waiting to take your breath away.
 They are ruggedly handsome.
Beautifully sculptured.
 and then Oh here's me. 
with the Grand Tetons.
Doesn't get any better than that.
 My beloved.
 Close up view because honestly, the color, the angle
everything changes
 Okay so this is FUNNY.
I broke out the tripod - which I know how to use
believe it or not.
Then we decided that we'd employ the timer.
I had no idea on my camera well the heck the timer is.
We had to look it up. 
Did I bring the manual this time????
  because it was all about lack of room and packing it out for the new rig.
So internet was not 5 bars but we were able to figure it out and
WA-LA a timer selfie.

The Grand Tetons have their name for a reason
and I really wish I could do them justice.
I have 19034813910394819348 photos because it was so hard to choose
which to take and which to ignore.
So basically I took them all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The road to the Grand Tetons

More mountains and clouds oh my.
 As well as cool fun structures 
or otherwise known as a barn.
 Coming down Teton Pass was a tad steep.
 Then into the town of Jackson
where Tom finally found the moccasins he was hunting for.
 The national Elk refuge where I found no elk lurking about.
 But some geese were flying down the road with us.
 And shazam you go around the corner to this
breathtaking mountain.

We'll be heading into Yellowstone and will be boondocking.
So I'll catch you on the flip-flop when we
get some more free internet :)

Craters of the Moon National Park

And roads leading up to it.
What a pretty ride.
Loved the drama of the clouds and mountains.

 Love the tree - the beginning of the park.
 Evidently there was a volcano 
many moons ago that spewed a ton of lava.
 It's everywhere.

 Tom and I believed this is the guilty volcano.
 We left the park and this mountain was fascinating
because it sort of grew out of the ground
and was the only mountain out there.
 Twin Peaks.
We hunkered down in the Snake River RV park and that
was a quick hike to the Grand Tetons.

Camping on the Salmon River

We had the best campsite - EVER.
It was totally by the river where you could
hear the rushing water
And it was a beautiful sound to fall asleep to.
As well as wake up, listen and fall back asleep to.
We had some visitors in the morning across the river.
And they were beautiful.
Mama caught me there.
 Boldly crossing the river except for one fawn.
Poor baby just didn't want to go.
 Packed up and headed back to the east side of Idaho.
And on the mountain was this traffic light.
Is that not a hoot?
 More rushing rivers.
 And more amazing barns.
We made it back to Idaho Falls and we're
headed to Jackson Hole to hang out for a couple of days.
We will be boondocking in Yellowstone for
about 5 days - so I'll see ya on da flip-flop.
(cb talk - for I'll catch ya on the return trip or whenever
I get internet service) LOL!

Scrapping on the road - round 2

Again I apologize for the iphone quality.
There is no easy way.
We were able to stop early after an easy day
of traveling. 
Therefore, I was able to get some pages done.
I have to admit the limited supplies are
still kicking my butt.
Mostly its that I didn't bring a paper trimmer
and I have never ever been the best cutter with a pair
of scissors - ever.
So the crooked rustic-ness is driving me nuts.

I'm working on it.
I'm almost sort of caught up.
As if that EVER happens in scrapbooking.
I need to get everything in whilst the internet flows.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Kooskia Fish Hatchery

Was very interesting and they are totally interested
in getting chinook salmon into the waters and keeping the species rockin'.
I love salmon - especially sushi salmon so I can get behind this.
They breed the salmon and send the eggs down to this
site to hatch. They then separate them by size
going through tubes and dump them into these tanks.
 Where they flow through these gadgets that clip their
tiny back fin and tag them electronically.
 They are then dumped into these huge holding tanks
and eventually thrown back in the wild where
its up to then to figure out how to circumnavigate the
big wide rivers and stay safe from roving birds of prey.
 Wider shot of the holding pens.
 It was all very interesting and they have a good 
return on salmon coming back to the fold.
Fisherman can only keep the salmon that have the tiny
fin cut and of course there's a size limit.
 If I got anything wrong - I apologize - and will correct the info.

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